Our Process

NOTE:  Because of Covid, many of these services can be done Virtually.  On-Site is best practice but we can still help you virtually during the Pandemic – Give us a call.

Our Services

As soon as you receive bad micro results – call us!

If your in recall or product withdrawal – call us!

We can help you set up an effective Recall – Team

We have great relationships with CFIA and Health Canada

We can help reduce regulatory intervention and get action faster, like closing CAR’s.

Many site specific custom training from Sanitation and Harbourage to Food Safety for Maintenance.

Rework Control, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
Custom Training videos  

(HACCP) review to meet current regulatory requirements and minimize regulatory stumble-ons. We ensure you do not over commit.

Assistance navigating the My-CFIA and Canadian SFCR’s.

We can also assist in getting  your company on the U.S. Export list.

A pro-active approach to finding in-house Food Safety Risk.

In-House or Remote possible.

Program review & implementation, certification audit preparation, pre-audit assistance, and implementation

If your having issues meeting the declared shelf life or you want to extend shelf-life, we can help.

Stopped at the border?, always held for i-house inspection?, driver skipped the inspection!

We can help get you back on track.

If you have a new supplier, or a current supplier that is having quality issues, we can do an inspection for you. We can also help in supplier certification for GFSI.

Once control programs are in place we help you monitor control moving forward. Or we can do it for you.


Give us a call!

Let’s discuss your current situation and decide together if we can help you or not.